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Find answers to all your queries about our service.

How Does the online mortgage calculator work?

The mortgage calculator takes your personal qualifications and searches them through our extensive network of investors to find the very best rate. What we show you is the best rate available. This serves to help eliminate wasted time with calling a bunch of brokers and financial institutions. The calculator does all the shopping for you! If you want to make sure you are using it to find the very best rate call us and we can walk you through it 877-271-4212.

How do I know I am getting the best rate available?

We guarantee our rates to be the best with our Best Rate Guarantee! For more details click here.

Can you help me understand the steps involved in the loan process?

Check out our Step by Step page

Where do I get my credit score?

Where do I get my credit score?

How will you help me determine my long and short term financial goals and assist me in determining the “right” loan program and financing structure I should use?

The Kal Financial Team will analyze your current financial picture, ask the right questions on what you are trying to accomplish now and in the future and then help set up a plan accordingly. They will advise what loan programs and structure would work best based on your long and short term goals. This is done at the preapproval appointment and reviewed once in contract or when locked.

How will you help me understand the tax benefits of home financing for the future purchase of a home?

The Kal Financial Team will determine your approximate tax write offs, net tax benefit and net effective payment to compare to your current mortgage payment or rent and will show you how to realize the benefit on a monthly basis.

What is your process in assisting me so I can get my offers accepted?

The Kal Financial Team does several things that include providing a preapproval in ms-word so at a moment’s notice you can modify the price of the preapproval to match any offer if purchasing below the pre-approved amount. They even call the listing agent on each offer to convey the buyers compensating factors and to differentiate your offer from everyone else’s. Lastly, they help coordinate short closings and “as is” offers with no contingencies where needed to get an accepted contract.

What methodologies will you use to lock at the “right time” and what happens if rates drop?

The Kal Financial Team uses many online subscriber based programs on when to lock or not lock, to ensure they lock at the right time and if rates drop. They also have strong relationships to renegotiate the rate with the lender at the lowest possible rate or just go with another bank since they are a broker with over 100 lending sources.

How long have you worked with the Realtor that referred me and what is your track record for closing on time per the contract?

The Kal Financial Team has worked with many real estate companies throughout the country and has closed over 3000 transactions in total with a 100% success rate.

How competitive are your rates?

The Kal Financial Team has over 50 wholesale relationships has access to the best loan programs and lowest rates. They hold preferred statuses with many banks of their wholesale relationships. This ensures that you will receive the most competitive interest rates, lowest fees and access to every loan program available.

How fast can you process and close my loan?

The Kal Financial Team has his own team to quickly and efficiently process your loan, something not common with most banks or mortgage brokers. This ensures that your requests are done in a timely manner in the quickest and most efficient manner.

Are you established?

The Kal Financial Team and its agents have been providing mortgage financing solutions to consumers and the Real Estate community for over 2 decades.

What are your services?

The Kal Financial Team provides many home financing services that include the following:

  • • Purchase, Refinance and Construction Loans
    for Residential and Commercial Property

  • • Domestic and International Relocation Financing

  • Access to over 50 Lenders, many with Preferred Relationships resulting in lower rates and fees.

Do you provide personalized service?

The Kal Financial Team brings over 20+ years of experience to the mortgage financing transaction, offering clients unsurpassed exemplary service, competitive rates and “out of the box” thinking. Their dedication and hard work yield customized mortgage solutions quickly and efficiently. Their mortgage planning services start with a detailed pre-qualification to determine your current needs and long term goals and loan options that apply to your situation, whether purchasing or refinancing.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact our experts.